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The Actually Pretty Good Baby

The Actually Pretty Good Baby

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From Author Susan Vukadinovic this parent-tested guide is for moms who want to breastfeed AND sleep through the night

With this ultimate beginner's handbook to raising a baby you can breastfeed like any good attachment parent and then ease your baby into sleeping through the night like the best of the "we-still-go-out-for-date-night" parents. Because here's a little secret: You don't have to pick one or the other. You can do both!

Writer and new-mom coach Susan Vukadinovic has met with hundreds of mommas at pre-natal and new-baby workshops, and she has woven together their collective, common-sense wisdom in this new book for new parents of the 2020s.

Inside you'll find tips for breastfeeding, sleeping and weaning to solids. And there's a little bit more but not too much more because-let's be honest now-you've got this. We both know you don't need a comprehensive book that covers *everything*. This book covers just the big stuff, with parent-tested and parent-approved step-by-step instructions that will take you from pregnancy and the minutes after birth all the way to your baby's third birthday.

With the right information and support, you can totally nail your new parenting gig.